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Electrical Division

Power Distribution | Emergency Power | Lighting System | Telephone System | Public Address | Security

Mechanical Division

Air Conditioning | Plumbing & Sanitary | Fire Protection | Ventilation | Repair and Services contracts

Construction Division

Building Work | Civil Work | Renovation Work | Interior Decoration Work

Scope of Services

Ask for permission of building, electricity and water supply | After Sales Service |


The Difference between a piece of work and a masterpiece The comprehensive construction of industrial projects starts at the engineering phase. The construction plan is designed using cutting-edge technology and focusing on the customer’s technical requirements and the fulfillment of…..


Creating the Future It all starts here. This is where the projecting, designing and calculating delicate process begins. Suraseth Srirod is a company founded by engineers devoted to excellence. It has grown into this new century with important achievements that still…..

Type of services

Production Production service at field installations Operation of the oil production system comprised of production wells, piping, batteries, gas separators, and routers to the treatment plant. Operation of the secondary recovery system comprised of aqueducts, distribution satellites, marginal wells, and…..