Creating the Future

It all starts here. This is where the projecting, designing and calculating delicate process begins.

Suraseth Srirod is a company founded by engineers devoted to excellence. It has grown into this new century with important achievements that still remain relevant today, advancing the development of smart solutions.

Suraseth Srirod Engineering’s mission ensures the engineering tasks are done in due time and manner according to the particular requirements of the biddings, the projects and the works in which the company is involved, by providing internal and external customers with technical assistance and by increasing the team’s know-how.

We are able to offer an excellent technical level and integration skills in the following fields:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Technology Selection
  • Concept and basic engineering
  • Detail Engineering
  • Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and star-up support
  • Technical support in all the areas

The experience gained over six decades working in engineering projects for the energy industry, understanding the rules and regulations of the different countries in which Suraseth Srirod operates, along with these three pillars, make us a key partner for our customers to see their projects realized meeting the scope, the terms and the budgets.

All the processes involved in the engineering projects carried out by Suraseth Srirod have Quality Management international certificates.

In every project, Suraseth Srirod engineers not only design high-magnitude projects, but also in their pursuit of excellence they find themselves face to face with the image of energy FUTURE.